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The Friendliest Tech Guy in Florida

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Bookkeeping Services

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Technical Support

Computer technical support for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Network setup, Windows servers, report access, Office 365, Google G Suite. We can streamline your systems and train your staff.

Web Hosting & Development

We host your website on high-performance Amazon cloud servers. We are WordPress specialists. Flat-rate service starting at $35 per month.
Billing & Time Tracking

Billing & Time Tracking

For guardians, attorneys, and other professionals, our time-tracking support system is proven to capture more billable time and free you from drudgery. Speech-to-text and mobile apps allow you to capture all your notes in real-time.

Daily Money Manager

For help with your personal financial matters, consider a Daily Money Manager. We balance checkbooks, decode medical bills, act as your healthcare advocate, negotiate with lenders, and make sure all your bills are paid on time.
Recent Articles

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD LTZ Crew Cab 4×4 Dual Rear Wheels

$39,500 55,650 miles This single-owner truck was used as a tow vehicle for a 5th-wheel style RV trailer. I’ve always treated it gently because it was pulling my house. It’s very clean, with one minor dent in the tailgate. The dent does not affect the operation of the tailgate. See the detailed photos of the…

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As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I share my birthday with Veteran’s Day, just like approximately 1/365th of the world. Naturally, the flood of wartime stories in the press around my birthday makes me ponder what life was like for earlier generations. I’d like to share an artifact I found in my grandmother’s garage. She was born…

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Pardo’s Push

After a few minutes, Pardo’s left engine caught fire. “We had to shut it down,” he said. “We’d go back in and try it on one engine. It didn’t work as well. The vertical speed, about the best we could do, was 2,000 feet a minute. We backed up and restarted the engine, hoping it wasn’t going to blow up. We went back in again, but within 30 to 45 seconds, it caught fire, and we shut it down again. We went about the last 10 minutes on one engine.”

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Boxy But Good Technology

Crazy People is a 1990 comedy starring Dudley Moore as an advertising executive who experiences a nervous breakdown. He designs a series of “truthful” advertisements, including this classic: “Buy Volvos. They’re Boxy But They’re Good.” In my career, I’ve found many “Boxy But Good” technologies are better than shiny ones.

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Battery Saving Tips

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are popular in cell phones, laptops, cameras, tools, electric cars, bicycles, and even backup the power grid. You might be holding one right now. With so many in use, it’s good to know a few easy tips that can extend their life. Armed with this information, you can get more life from…

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Google Chrome Logo

Stop Web Notifications

Turning off website notifications will prevent a lot of unwanted spam and advertising. Website notifications are useful in some situations, but they are widely abused by many websites.

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Home Office Technology Review

Working from home means doing more with less. Let us review your needs, we will go beyond the technology and help streamline your business processes. Our clients are more productive, more relaxed, and make more profits.

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Illustration of ACH transfer

What is ACH?

It’s easy to setup and forget ACH payments. If combing through your bank statements doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to hire a Daily Money Manager to keep an eagle eye on those debits and credits.

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Image of Mailboxes labeled 3, 2 and 1

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

The 3-2-1 backup rule is a minimum guideline to protect your data. Follow this simple rule and you’ll be well protected to survive when (not if) a problem occurs.

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David Finster & Gayle Finster

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Gayle Finster is a seasoned professional of the IT industry and an expert in back-office systems. She is a member of the American Association of Professional Bookkeepers.

David Finster has decades of experience in computer support, software development, and business process improvement. David is the friendliest tech guy in Florida.

Gayle Finster

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