Take my tuner pedal and I’ll fight you. Sure, my acoustic has a tuner built in, but it’s slow. Clip-on tuners are nice, but I keep losing them and the batteries die. I’ve got a tuner app on the phone, but that’s a hassle. My Boss TU-3 is always on the floor, plugged in and ready. It’s fast, accurate and tough.

Main features

  • High Brightness mode enhances meter visibility outdoors.
  • Accu-Pitch Sign function uses the motion of the meter’s lights
    to show when tuning is completed.
  • Guitar/Bass mode lets you tune by string number, with support
    for 7-string guitars and 6-string basses.
  • Flat tuning is supported with Guitar Flat mode, which allows for
    “down” tunings up to six semitones below standard pitch.
  • Switching on the tuner automatically mutes the output signal,
    allowing you to tune without outputting the sound.
  • Bypass mode allows play while continuously monitoring tuning.

There’s a reason this tuner is the gold standard. It was the first pedal I ever bought for my cheapo starter guitar with crap intonation. Once I had an accurate tuner I was able to do a proper set-up. I love this thing and get warm fuzzies every time I hit the switch. Here’s the full owner’s manual.