What happens if you engage with a Facebook scammer?

A random "friend" on Facebook said I won $500,000. Here's what happened. Wow! I've won a half-million dollars. At this point, any normal person would block this scammer, but I decided to reel him in. At this point, suddenly the entire Messenger session disappeared. I checked the account's profile, and it was deleted. I figured that was the end of it, and started to make lunch. A couple minutes later, I start receiving texts on my cell phone. Okay, game on. We are going to a new level. I've got his phone number now. It turns out to be a Google Voice number, but that gives me an idea. Maybe I can mix things up a little if I start texting him out of the blue from a different number and pretend to be someone named "Bob". First, let's establish communication again, then go quiet for a while. Texting as…

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Windows File Sharing – Problems With Multiple IP Addresses

This was a bizarre problem that cost me half a day. I was unable to share folders from my Windows 10 PC, and I was near despair when I found the solution. I tried searching Google for many different phrases before I found the answer. This was the basic symptom: My shared folders were not accessible to other machines on the network. However, when I tried to connect to them from the same machine, it worked fine. Well, except it didn't. Let me explain. My machine is named "David-W10". It has Hyper-V running, so I have a couple of extra virtual network cards with private IP addresses in the 172.20.x.x address space. I have both IPv4 and IPv6 active. If I tried to browse to \\David-W10 from other machines on the net, no luck. If I tried to browse to \\David-W10 from the David-W10 machine itself, it worked fine. It turns…

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2018 General Election Turnout Map

I've created a data exploration tool that maps key statistics for the Florida 2018 General Election data against the 2016  and 2014 elections. In total, this tool allows you to quickly navigate between 56 different maps. It's been an interesting user-interface challenge to present and map all this information. I have tested this on Mac, Windows, and Android. Please send feedback and bug reports to david@finsterbt.com. View the Map Explorer How to Use the Map Explorer Click any county or drag the red marker. The statistics table will update with data for that county. Click any data cell in the statistics table to load a new map based on that statistic. Hover over any data cell for a text description of that statistic. Hover over any county to see how it compares to the selected county. Use Compare to in the upper left of the statistics table to compare 2018 to either 2014 or…

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2018 General Election Data Analysis – Process

Errors in State DataMy map engine compares many statistics about registration and voter turnout in three different general elections: 2014, 2016 and 2018.I obtained the voter registration information from the bookclosing reports published here: https://dos.myflorida.com/elections/data-statistics/voter-registration-statistics/bookclosing/I am calculating the turnout statistics from the December Voter Extract DVD published by the DOE. You can request a copy here, and I'm happy to share mine: https://dos.myflorida.com/elections/data-statistics/voter-registration-statistics/voter-extract-disk-request/I am doing statistics calculations from the voter history records. The state publishes overall turnout by county, but that doesn't have the detailed breakdown I need for the map. The county totals are here: https://results.elections.myflorida.com/Index.asp?ElectionDate=11/8/2016&DATAMODE=There is one voter history record per ballot cast in each election, and those records contain the Voter ID and County Code. This makes it very easy (no table joins or calculation required) to count the number of votes cast per county. For the other statistics I use the Voter ID to join against…

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SQL Code – Voter Age By Precinct

How I made the maps: The SQL code below rolls up, pivots and, calculates medians of the voter age ranges. It's a query against four views of the voter information, which is itself a view that decodes the various voter codes in the database. This generated the table that QGIS joined to the shape files. I used QGIS to export GeoJSON to MapBox for the interactive web map. My first set of web maps used qgis2web and Leaflet, but that was only for one congressional district. This map was far too large for a serverless solution - the JSON file ended up being nearly 70 megabytes. Converting to TopoJSON would help, but then I'd need to write some conversion for Leaflet or incorporate D3. Ain't nobody got time for that. :) MapBox is powerful, and for hobby use like this, it's free. Their API is compact and fun. I'll use…

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Florida – Voter Age by Precinct

This is part 2 of the Florida Map Series. See part 1 here. Explore Florida's Voters I analyzed all active registered voters in Florida by age, then calculated the largest (median) age group per precinct. The curious can see a short description of my process and the SQL I wrote to generate this map. This map was not created for, or endorsed by, any political party or candidate. View the Map Data Sources Registered Voter Data 11/2018 Extract File, Florida Division of Elections Charlotte County precincts Other County precincts Base map layer © OpenStreetMap contributors and used under license Tools Data import and validation: SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) Database design: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Data analysis: Excel, DAX / Power Pivot & Power Query. GIS Mapping: Quantum GIS / QGIS Web map: mapbox.com CSS and HTML tweaking: Microsoft Visual Studio & Chrome developer tools

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Switch between Hyper-V and VirtualBox on Windows 10

I have many virtual machines in Oracle VirtualBox, and I also use Docker under Hyper-V. Fortunately, I don't ever need to do both at the same time because Hyper-V (being a level 1 hypervisor) and VirtualBox (a level 2 hypervisor) cannot run at the same time. I guess I could convert all my VirtualBox images to Hyper-V format, but I switch between Mac, Linux and Windows quite a bit and VirtualBox is more portable. It's pretty simple, you'll need to use bcdedit.exe to create a new boot menu option that reboots the Windows 10 host with Hyper-V disabled. Note that the GUID shown in these examples are from my machine, and yours will be different. Step 1: Open a command prompt as administrator. Step 2: Run the following command: C:\>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "Disable Hyper-V" You will see the following result: The entry was successfully copied to {c8f8754a-d33e-11e8-8234-8cec4b60f7ca}. You can use…

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Google Drive Review

Google Drive is very basic. It's sufficient to quickly capture, crop, dewarp and save a PDF from a physical document using your phone camera. 


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