Do I Need a Daily Money Manager?

If you can answer yes to some of the questions below, you should consider contacting a daily money manager for more information.  It’s an affordable option to help ensure the safety of your families assets, future well-being, and peace of mind.

Caring for Parents

  • Do you worry if your parents bills are getting paid on time?
  • Do you worry if they have enough money in their account to cover expenses?
  • Do you worry that they may be getting scammed from callers and door knockers?
  • Do they need help budgeting and managing their money but unwilling to receive help from family members?
  • Are you concerned medical bills are not being filed?
  • Do you wonder if their insurance policies are lapsing or providing the right amount of coverage?

A daily money manager solves these problems for you. We are skilled in working with seniors and helping them stay independent while keeping you informed and as involved as you and your loved one choose.

Small Business

  • Do you need professional help to prepare your books and taxes for your CPA?
  • Do you need help managing your payroll?
  • Do you need to manage and collect receivables?

Daily money managers keep everything up to date and your business running smooth.

Services for
Independent Seniors,
Busy Professionals,
and Small Business.


Independent Seniors

  • Are you late on some of your bill payments or frustrated with keeping up with all of the mail?
  • Do you worry that you will become a burden to your family members as you age?
  • Are you concerned that you don’t have the knowledge to manage your financial resources to stretch through life’s physical and mental changes ahead?
  • Do you lack confidence and connections to find honorable, competent professionals to help you with financial decisions, legal challenges, temporary caregiving needs and ongoing maintenance of your home?

No worries, a daily money manager is a great fit for you to help you stay independent and living in your home. One of the responsibilities of a money manager is to vet professional services and help connect you to people who can assist you in a professional and honest way.

Busy Professional

  • Do you have plenty of cash but often find yourself late on paying bills?
  • Do you have a low credit rating because you always seem to miss payment deadlines?
  • Are you embarrassed in restaurants and stores because your credit cards are maxed out because you haven’t been monthly reconciling your account?
  • Are your cash assets invested in good interest bearing accounts where they work for you?
  • Are you getting bills that you don’t think you owe and just tossing them aside because you don’t have the time to call and get it resolved?
  • Could you be wasting money on services that are unnecessary or overpriced but you just don’t have the time to shop for the best deal?

You work hard for your money and could be cheating yourself because you don’t have the time or inclination to stay on top of the daily financial transactions.

A daily money manager is a great fit for you and your family.