As a professional guardian and fiduciary who often finds himself working outside the office, juggling multiple caseloads throughout the day, and must be able to quickly and accurately record my time and invoices for not only myself and my clients, but for our local courts, Finster BT has so dramatically improved our efficiency that it has allowed us to take more work on. I can now verbally dictate or write what I am doing and where I am doing it and have it uploaded to the cloud where they process, proofread and handle our invoices and everything is sent back for review. The invoice system far superior to what we were doing in Quickbooks and our ability to rapidly search and traverse entries for modifications have made any edits quick and easy versus time-consuming and tedious. It helps keep us more organized, more accurate and saves us a lot of time and headaches. With everything web-based we can work from any computer, phone or tablet without worrying about losing data or having to run to the office to make changes or record entries. Using a new system was intimidating but after the first month we were already hooked and at this point, we could never go back to the way things were. They tailored a solution to us after several meetings and came up with a plan and product that has really improved the way our business runs and I would wholeheartedly recommend sitting down with Gayle and David to hear how they can help improve your business as well.