David has been our IT support person for 14 years. That should tell you a lot!

My wife and I operate a two-person CPA firm.  We engaged David’s company when he resided in Texas.  He and his wife subsequently moved to Florida where he has continued to serve us remotely while we move back and forth between Texas and Maine.  During that time, he has helped us develop and continually update an extremely efficient computer system for our CPA practice as well as for our personal use.

When hardware reaches the end of its useful life (my definition of that is when the software outpaces the ability of the hardware to keep up), David has been instrumental in selecting and installing the appropriate replacement hardware and software that will give us the longest useful life of the next cycle. He also transfers the data from the “old” equipment to the “new” equipment and we are up and running on the same day.

David has also established our cybersecurity protection and established a backup plan that backs-up onsite as well as offsite every night.

We cannot say enough good things about David and his company.  He has been very responsive to all of our needs for help as he is just a phone call away.  He has allowed us the ability to move around the country and continue as if nothing has changed.

PS.  David is very good with all things techy, especially those pesky “smarter than you” phones.