FastScanner Review

This review is part of the Smartphone Scanner Review series, where I compare the top-rated smartphone scanner apps for Android. Many of these apps also have Apple iPhone versions which may have slightly different operation or features.

FastScanner is a smartphone scanner app from CoolMobileSolution, available as a free version with ads, or a Pro version for $4.99.


Here’s a 60-second video demonstrating the most common use of the app. In this video, I scan two pages and attach them to an email as a PDF file.

Full Review Notes

Advertisement and Limitations

The free version of FastScanner has banner ads at the bottom, and periodically interrupts you with full-screen ads, some with animation and video. It also nags you to leave a review on Google Play quite often. The menu items for faxing are simply links to the app store where you can buy Easy Fax to fulfill that function.


FastScanner captures documents using your camera and can also open files directly from your phone’s image library. Camera capture supports single page and batch modes. Camera capture worked well, no problems noted.


FastScanner supports documents in two B&W modes, Photo, 2 color modes and grayscale. You can select from 5 contrast levels. After you save a page you can return to the page and insert a signature or upload to a server for OCR. Inserting a signature is easy and can be either text or hand-drawn in red, black, or blue. Cropping is easy and reshuffling page order was obvious.

Saving & Sharing

FastScanner allows you to share through email, Bluetooth and several other cloud services. Sharing via Fax is a prompt to install their own Easy Fax program. The Gallery option saves a multi-page document to the photo gallery on your phone as a series of JPGs.

The Email to myself feature allows you to send documents to yourself with just a couple clicks.


FastScanner is a mediocre scanner program, with a user interface that is non-intuitive. There are far too many ads for my taste, and the program doesn’t justify buying the Pro version. It supports signature embedding and does an average job of the standard functions. It’s not what I’d recommend for most people.