This review is part of the Smartphone Scanner Review series, where I compare the top-rated smartphone scanner apps for Android. Many of these apps also have Apple iPhone versions which may have slightly different operation or features.

Google Drive is a cloud storage application. The Android version of the app has some simple scanner functionality.

Here’s a 60-second video demonstrating the most common use of the app. In this video, I scan two pages and attach them to an email as a PDF file.

Full Review Notes

Advertisement and Limitations

Google Drive has no advertisements. There is only one version. Google Drive has more features than I’m reviewing here, I’m only concerned with the scanner functions in this review.


The capture process is minimal, you have an option to turn your camera flash on and off, and press the shutter button.


The edit options are also basic. In the edit screen, you may crop, select color or B&W mode and rotate.

Saving & Sharing

Once you approve the edits, Google Drive will convert to PDF and upload. There are no real options here. Once the PDF is stored in the cloud, you can share it like any other Google Drive file.


Google Drive is very basic. It’s sufficient to quickly capture, crop, dewarp and save a PDF from a physical document using your phone camera.