Google Drive Review

Google Drive is very basic. It's sufficient to quickly capture, crop, dewarp and save a PDF from a physical document using your phone camera. 


CamScanner Review

CamScanner is a top rated app and it has a premium price. To live up to its reputation and price tag, it should be spectacular. Unfortunately, it's only average, no better than many other free or $5 applications. I see nothing here that justifies the monthly fee.`


Genius Scan Review

Genius Scan really shines in the capture and editing process. If you need a quality scanner app, Genius Scan is above average.  

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FastScanner Review

FastScanner is a mediocre scanner program and does an average job of the standard functions. It's not what I'd recommend for most people.


Doc Scanner Review

Doc Scanner (A.K.A. Document Scanner) by CV Infotech is a smartphone scanner app that has some extra features that seem unrelated to the core mission.


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