SC542 Error Code

Image of Ricoh CL4000DNA client had a Ricoh CL4000DN printer, and it started flashing error code SC542. As it turns out, Ricoh error codes seem to be a closely guarded secret, and the local Ricoh rep wanted either $199 an hour or a yearly service contract to fix it. The printer was a 200-pound paperweight because it wouldn’t finish internal diagnostics.

I investigated, and it appears the client had a power brownout just before the error occurred.

Turns out error SC542 indicates a fuser temperature problem. Once the error is detected, the printer is toast until you manually clear the error from the keypad. Even though the printer is physically fine, it won’t come ready until the prior error condition is cleared.

After a few phone calls with our local Ricoh service rep he admitted that the printer might trip this error in a power brownout.

The printer was less than 30 days old and the error was caused by the brownout or the fuser failed. I kept calling the Ricoh rep, and they finally gave me the magic keystrokes over the phone.

I did the magic keystrokes, cleared the error code, and the printer worked fine. It’s been working great for a year now.

I hope someone else who has this problem finds this page and is able to fix the problem also. I didn’t find any help on the net when I searched.

The Fix

In order to clear error SC542, you must perform procedure 5810.

    • Press and hold online + escape, then power on.
    • Use up and down arrow keys to select SP2
    • Press Enter
    • Use up and down arror to locate SP5
    • Press Enter
    • Use up and down arrow keys to select 810
  • Press Enter
  • Confirm the selection
  • Power off and on.

The error code is now cleared.

Responses to “Ricoh CL4000DN Error Code SC542”

David Hruber Says:
On Aficio MP 5500 you have to
press the yellow “C” button
enter 107
press the red “C” button and keep it hold till the display changes
turn the power off with the big red switch on the front side
turn power on again.

We have this error every few weeks, don’t know what it is but i solved it with the Ricoh service hotline in Austria.

Sumerlady Says:
We have several Ricoh 410N and got this erro SC 542 after a brownout over the weekend. I tried this but had to vary one thing- see below – but it worked thanks.
In order to clear error SC542, you must perform procedure 5810.
Turn off the printer.
Press and hold online + escape, then power on.
Use up and down arrow keys to select SP2 (you will see something that has SP 1 , 2 and 3 – there are other things but I chose the 2)
Press Enter
Use up and down arror to locate SP5810 (mine did not have a SP5 but it did have a SP5810 and beside it said “Fusing Err Clr” so I chose that.
Press Enter
Confirm the selection
It will yes that it has done it
then Power off and on.

Rom Says:
Sometime the SC 542 error is generated by electrical fluctuations or a fuser problem.
Here’s the process to reset a Ricoh CL7300 (or CL7200) with a SC 542 error:1) Enter Service Mode by holding down Online + Escape and then turning on the printer
2) Hold down keys until System version appears & the 1st option (1. System) appears.
3) Arrow down to #2 – Engine & press Enter.
4) Arrow down to # 5 – Mode & press Enter.
5) Arrow up until you see SP5810 – SC_Reset, & press Enter.
6) You will be prompted to Execute? – press Enter. Resulting message should say results OK.
7) Turn off printer, wait 5-10 secs & turn on again. Should be OK; if not, call Service.

Bruce Says:
My error was SC543 this fixed that as well. Now the printer insists there is a paper jam. My own hair is almost all pulled out!

Cindy Says:
This was really helpful – fixed it right away! THANK YOU!

Adrian Says:
This procedure worked perfectly. Thank you for this awesome website!

Andy Says:
Doing a 5810 also worked on a Ricoh Aficio 4100 BW printer.
Ricoh’s web-site said to turn off and on and then call for service if not cleared.
Took under five minutes.
Thanks for posting.