Share Tabs With Your Phone, Tablet and Laptop

Using the Chrome web browser, it’s easy to share your open tabs between your devices and seamlessly move between them.

For example: Use your laptop to research an item to buy, then re-open that tab from your phone while at the store. Or, you did some surfing on your tablet while at the mall, but want to continue reading that article on your laptop at home. Chrome makes this easy if you know where to look.

First, make sure all your devices are using Chrome. Log into Chrome using your Google account and turn on tab sharing. Here’s the article I wrote earlier to show you how.

Next, click the “three dot” menu and select the “History” menu to browse the open tabs on your other devices.

I have three devices: My laptop, a desktop Mac named “iMac24” and an Android phone named “Samsung-SM-G930A”. Here’s a view from my laptop. You can see I have a couple tabs open on each device. I was recently reading a Wikipedia article about and episode of the Twilight Zone TV show on my iMac24 called “The Burning Man”. From this menu I can quickly open the same tab on my laptop to continue reading.

History - desktop

You can also click “History” on the fly-out menu to get a larger view. Select the
“Tabs from other devices” menu from the left side of the History page, like this:

History tabs

On your phone, you can do the same thing. First, click the “three dot” menu and select “Recent tabs”.

Recent Tabs

The tab from the iMac24 titled “The Burning Man” is available. It’s easy to trade-off between devices this way.


Using Chrome sync, you can navigate and browse the web between different devices easily.