As a professional guardian and fiduciary who often finds himself working outside the office, juggling multiple caseloads throughout the day, and must be able to quickly and accurately record my time and invoices for not only myself and my clients, but for our local courts, Finster BT has so dramatically improved our efficiency that it has allowed us to take more work on. I can now verbally dictate or write what I am doing and where I am doing it and have it uploaded to the cloud where they process, proofread and handle our invoices and everything is sent back for review. The invoice system far superior to what we were doing in Quickbooks and our ability to rapidly search and traverse entries for modifications have made any edits quick and easy versus time-consuming and tedious. It helps keep us more organized, more accurate and saves us a lot of time and headaches. With everything web-based we can work from any computer, phone or tablet without worrying about losing data or having to run to the office to make changes or record entries. Using a new system was intimidating but after the first month we were already hooked and at this point, we could never go back to the way things were. They tailored a solution to us after several meetings and came up with a plan and product that has really improved the way our business runs and I would wholeheartedly recommend sitting down with Gayle and David to hear how they can help improve your business as well.

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Jason Monroe – Estate and Guardianship Management Services, Inc.

David Finster saved me from going crazy and throwing in the towel with WordPress. I live in Colorado and one of my Florida friends who had met David told me about his work. I called him and he worked with me long distance, actually going into my computer. He was friendly and explained what he was doing in terms that I could understand. We did have a follow-up session and I now have a much better understanding of how to work with the WP site. Many thanks to David.

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Marilyn – Arvada, CO.

I’ve had David Finster work on many of my veterinary practice software and hardware computer problems over the last several years. He has been able to resolve all of my computer issues in a timely manner and at a very reasonable rate. I highly recommend David for fixing any computer problems one might encounter.

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David Unnerstall DVM – Oak Point, Texas

I’m a member of a volunteer organization that has a small budget. Because our group is not tech-savvy, David holds training classes to show us how to use communication tools such as Slack and Google Drive. Whenever someone has a question, David responds almost immediately. He can analyze a problem almost on the spot and provide possible solutions. He is very patient and strives to answer technical questions such that non-tech people can understand. He is very pleasant to work with. I am glad to have the opportunity to work with David. I strongly recommend David for any IT issues.

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Lenny Guckenheimer – Port Charlotte, FL

David has a wide range of expertise and you might be surprised at what is considered IT support.  He helped set up a laptop computer, including synchronizing it with a new router and a wireless printer/scanner.  He helped reprogram and set up our satellite TV system and then very carefully explained the intricacies of its workings and set up both the remote controls and a laptop to control the TV.  His plain language explanation and patience were essential to understanding the interface between the various controller and the TV system. I strongly recommend Dave for anything you might consider IT support – just give him a call and ask.

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Joe Comeaux – Punta Gorda Isles

I can not overstate how wonderful David Finster is to work with.  He has an incredible depth of knowledge about computers and other cutting edge technologies.  I headed up an electronics manufacturing company and not only was David our IT guy but I ran every new project by him for his input.  David always came up with technical answers that we could not find elsewhere.

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David Patterson – President, Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.

David has been our IT support person for 14 years. That should tell you a lot!

My wife and I operate a two-person CPA firm.  We engaged David’s company when he resided in Texas.  He and his wife subsequently moved to Florida where he has continued to serve us remotely while we move back and forth between Texas and Maine.  During that time, he has helped us develop and continually update an extremely efficient computer system for our CPA practice as well as for our personal use.

When hardware reaches the end of its useful life (my definition of that is when the software outpaces the ability of the hardware to keep up), David has been instrumental in selecting and installing the appropriate replacement hardware and software that will give us the longest useful life of the next cycle. He also transfers the data from the “old” equipment to the “new” equipment and we are up and running on the same day.

David has also established our cybersecurity protection and established a backup plan that backs-up onsite as well as offsite every night.

We cannot say enough good things about David and his company.  He has been very responsive to all of our needs for help as he is just a phone call away.  He has allowed us the ability to move around the country and continue as if nothing has changed.

PS.  David is very good with all things techy, especially those pesky “smarter than you” phones.

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John E. Finks, CPA

As a small business owner of a Grooming, Boarding and DayCare for pets I needed someone that I could call on for computer issues and backups. Having David available for repairs at a very competitive price and sometimes the option for on-site service makes it highly desirable to do business with him. He keeps our systems going so our day to day activity can run smoothly.  He is very knowledgeable and has a great rapport with clients because he can describe in “lay terms” what needs to be done. He will help with every step along the way, depending on what you need. I highly recommend David and Finster BT for any PC repair issues and Cloud back-ups you may need.

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Ann Wolfe Combee – Little Wolfe’s Pet Resort

Wanted to say a big thank you!! Your photos and pics were incredibly helpful to me in replacing my power jack on my THR-10. I think it is a bit of a design flaw on an otherwise great little amp. Once again, I really appreciate your tutorial. I could not have done the repair without it.

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I have worked with David Finster for over two years for both my personal technology issues and issues with the Democratic Party.  David has always been professional, he explains what the issue is, what he will do to fix it, and provides accurate cost estimates. For relatively simple problems, he can access your computer remotely which saves time and money.  His training classes are well thought out and can be tailored to novices as well as those at a high skill level. I would highly recommend Finster BT for all your technology issues.

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Jane Merriam – Port Charlotte, FL.

We have used David Finster for our small business IT support for more than 15 years and found him invaluable for our business, not only for solving “mundane” IT issues but also for providing innovative solutions to enhance our products and services.

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Herman Oosterwijk, President – OTech, Inc. – Healthcare IT training and consulting.

We are very delighted with David Finster’s professional service with our computer problems. He always describes in plain English what he is doing while solving problems and only charges for actual working time, not when the computer is resetting/restoring. Of course he is reasonably priced.  We very highly recommend him and he is not a Geek Squad type at all.

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Lorraine & John Burrage – Burnt Store Isles

As a non-techie person who has responsibility for my organization’s website, I have found David Finster to be the ideal resource.  I was so impressed with the work he has done for our organization and his reasonable rates, I also hired him to assist me with some issues I was having working online with my own computer.  With David, it’s problem solved in quick order.  I don’t often recommend professionals of any sort, but when colleagues, friends, or family members tell me they have a computer problem of any kind, I always tell them,  “Call David Finster.”

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Kay Blue – Punta Gorda, FL

David Finster has performed flawlessly as our Web site’s technical Webmaster for two and a half years, keeping our WordPress installation running smoothly and with zero downtime. He was instrumental in our site’s design and continues to maintain all of our technical needs, explaining what he is doing so that even novice users can understand. David has also provided expert instruction to our staff, patiently guiding our volunteers to proficiency in a wide variety of applications including Google, Apple, and Microsoft. He is nationally recognized for his computer security expertise and has been quoted on vital issues. He provides exceptional value and is available at a moment’s notice for all of our technical concerns. I give my unqualified recommendation for David’s skills. And, even more importantly, his honor, hard work, and commitment to quality are without peer.

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Jim Blue, Communications Chair – Charlotte County Democratic Party

For about 15 years, David has updated our business computers and technology and kept us free from viruses. Whether in person or remotely,  he was there for us. I would recommend David for sure.

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Dick Schuyler – Aubrey, TX

I’ve worked with David Finster on various projects and his knowledge of computers and coding far surpasses anyone I’ve met so far. 

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Scott Immordino – Port Charlotte

Our experience was seamless and stress free!  The explanations were thorough but easy to understand.  I would highly recommend Finster BT for any of my IT needs!

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Amanda in Cañon City, CO

David and Gayle have been incredibly helpful to our business. Not only are they extremely professional, they are good, honest people. Their charges are extremely reasonable, especially with the knowledge and talent they both possess. We have never encountered a problem they couldn’t resolve. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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JEH Stallion Station Logo
Shannon Gardiner – JEH Stallion Station

Gayle’s thorough approach to tackling and documenting improvements to our financial reporting/management systems will allow us to build a financially robust, growing organization. With our QuickBooks financial reporting systems in place, we’ll have a better ability to articulate the financial needs, project outcomes and show results with confidence.

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Patrick H. – Englewood, FL

When informing them of a problem, I appreciate them reviewing the options with me so we can collectively determine what solution best matches my needs.

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City of Oak Point Logo
Douglas C. Mousel, City Manager – City of Oak Point, Texas

David and his team worked in conjunction with our ISP for many years. He was our “go to guy” for all things software, hardware, or networking related that our team needed help or extra time in handling. He also referred many customers to us that were in need of internet service. David is knowledgeable, reliable, and honest, a great combination in our business. I highly recommend him!

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SOLBroadband Logo
Donna Hall – Speed of Light Broadband

I wholeheartedly recommend David for all your computer technology and networking needs! He’s helped my small business greatly, from setting up and fine-tuning our office network to steering us smoothly through any computer crisis. He is prompt, thorough, and highly knowledgeable. Additionally, he’s always willing to explain what he’s doing, answer any questions you may have, and give honest recommendations on how to improve your IT situation. If you want a computer setup that works seamlessly with your business, call David!

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Signs by Design Logo
Colleen Cameron, President – Signs By Design

If any of you are looking for tech support, we highly recommend David Finster! Yesterday he was able to resolve a challenging computer issue for us within 10 minutes, plus he’s always a pleasure to work with. Thank you David!

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Schuyler Signs logo
Stephanie C. – Schuyler Signs

David Finster has provided prompt, dependable and professional service to my company for many years.

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B.R. Pedigo – Pedigo Real Estate

IT issues create high stress for me–with one phone call or visit from David Finster, the stress goes away because David is always able to solve my issues promptly and effectively.

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Andrea C. Timmons – Timmons Law Office

David Finster has been an invaluable asset to my business. As a small business, we have had various technology needs from website design, graphics, networking, e-mail and general IT support. His company is one stop shopping without a lot of fuss, gets the job right the first time and lets us focus on our business and compete against the big boys. A huge asset for any small business. Honest and fair for the job done.

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Strategic Compliance Group logo
Jay Roy, President – Strategic Compliance Group

I highly recommend David Finster as your “go-to guy.” David has the technical expertise, the communication skills, and the patience to help you create and maintain the ideal website for your needs. David speaks your language, regardless of your level of expertise. read more

Logo for Democratic Women's Club of Florida
Democratic Women’s Club of Charlotte County

Many, many, thanks to David Finster for helping me getting my WordPress website up and running. After months of struggling with it and much frustration, someone told me about David. He connected to my computer, explained what he was doing in terms that I could understand and showed me how to do many of the things I wanted to do. When I need help again, and I probably will, I will not hesitate to contact Finster Tech Consulting in Punta Gorda, FL. Thank you David from Colorado.

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Image of hands
Marilyn C. – Women Against Racism & Discrimination